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New Bedford/Fall River Area Real Estate Lawyer

With offices in New Bedford and Fall River, the Law Office of Michael T. Friar represents parties to residential mortgage loan and real estate transactions throughout Bristol County and across eastern Massachusetts. Learn more about the firm’s real estate practice below, and contact our office to schedule a consultation regarding your real estate legal needs.

Comprehensive Real Estate Law Advice and Representation

New Bedford attorney Michael T. Friar represents buyers, sellers and lenders in residential mortgage loan and real estate transactions in Eastern Massachusetts. Attorney Friar has decades of experience in Bristol County real estate matters; his knowledge and expertise helps to move the process forward and head-off any problems or issues that may arise for a smooth and quick closing. The Law Office of Michael T. Friar is with you at every step of your home purchase or sale,

Offer to Purchase – It is important for buyer and seller to understand that the offer to purchase can be considered a binding contract in Massachusetts. Both parties will want to carefully review an offer and suggest needed modifications before signing. Both parties may have important contingencies regarding the inspection or financing they will want addressed. Michael T. Friar can assist in negotiating, drafting and reviewing the offer to purchase, as well as any amendments or addendums which may be introduced.

Purchase and Sale Agreement – This agreement is arguably the most important document related to your residential real estate transaction; its terms guide the conduct of both parties in the period of time between the offer to purchase and the closing. Even when presented with a “standard” agreement, buyers will want to have an attorney review the document before signing to make sure their rights are protected regarding important issues such as lead paint, radon gas and the Title V septic system inspection as well as to reduce risk. Our experienced Massachusetts real estate lawyer can negotiate, draft or review the purchase and sale agreement and any amendments which may later be required, such as to adjust the deposit or purchase price, add or remove a buyer or seller’s name, or fix some mistake which was made in the original agreement.

Title Examination – A diligent and detail-oriented real estate lawyer, Michael T. Friar can study the records related to the ownership history of the property you intend to purchase. A thorough title examination uncovers not only who owns the property but also whether the title is defective in any way or if there are other ownership claims to the property. Title examinations may also be conducted by the title company insuring the title. In the case where a title examination turns up a cloud on the title, we can advise you on what steps need to be taken and assist you in obtaining good record title at closing.

Declaration of Homestead – Protect up to $500,000 of the value in your home against claims brought by unsecured creditors. If you haven’t taken this simple step to protect your most valuable asset, call our office to see if you qualify, and let us walk you through the process to secure your homestead rights.

Reverse Mortgage – Home owners 65 or older can turn the equity in their home into cash through a home equity conversion loan, also known as a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage can be very helpful for some, but it is not always the best option, and it has consequences for the value of your estate. As an attorney who practices both real estate law and estate planning, Michael T. Friar can counsel you on the wisdom of a reverse mortgage in your particular circumstances as well as the impact of a reverse mortgage on your estate plan.

Help is available with your New Bedford/Fall River Area Real Estate Transaction

For practical advice and technical assistance to help your residential mortgage loan and or real estate purchase or sale go smoothly and successfully, contact the Law Office of Michael T. Friar in New Bedford and Fall River for help from a knowledgeable and experienced Massachusetts real estate lawyer.

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